Promotional Products

PUBLI 2000 was born in 1980, achieving great goals in the market when the promotion was not yet a so much globalized issue.

The company, due to its experience and always keeping a familiar mentality could overpass throughout the struggles caused by the spanish and worlwide crisis and thus, we even increased our clients portfolio.

We do edit several catalogues within the same year and are specialized in all kinds of printings on more than 10.000 products (we provide laser, stamping, hot thermo stamping, sublimation, and all the possible ways of puting your logo on the items).

As we’ve been working on the market for so long we have an accurate idea of the general needs of the markets and moreover what we can offer in order to help our partners to create good quality products that will help them on their marketing strategies.

We are involved in all the steps of the promotional products for business trades, fairs, internal promotions, gifts, season publicity gamma, hence, we can be aware of any changes and preview unforeseen problems. Therefore, we provide assessment on every product, every mark, every client.

Working with this full range of products makes us being capable of stocking and shipping the partner’s election within few days at optimal costs.

We came a long time ago, we made a long road and we will, with your cooperation continue our path in order to help you postitioning your branding elsewhere you may need.

You can monitorize your drafts in a previous digital design before moving forward too.

Indeed, as we are a global importer, editor and manufacturer, and the most important, assessor and partner, we get the most modern promotional products from Asia, Europe, etcetera at the best price, the finest quality.

We got our self transport for short distances and optimal deals with forwarders for further destinies, including Europe.

We also offer a special digital assessment service to guide our clients within their needs to achieve the perfect product.

A direct import department from Europe, Asia and other origins provides the capacity to supply special production series related to Technology, bags and a wide range of items to be personalized by our clients.